Wednesday, 18 February 2009

descent to hell

live on esthers birthday 2006


  1. hey,I fixed that nausea link..your band looks cool man..I linked you.. cheers

  2. Hi hellpunks :)
    wow, thanx for the comment and the compliment! :> I do my best :D
    apropos this is the first positive band comment ;)
    until now the other band messages were always the request to take down their music (but that's really ok!)
    anyhow, for me sharing music for the main part is the best way to discover new and awesome bands you wouldn't know without sharing maybe :)
    of course I've added your site to my link list! ;> your postings are very interesting and I will have a closer look... I don't know really much about the Dutch HC-scene
    cheers & greetinx & good luck ;)
    or to try to say it in Dutch: dank en proost! :D