Wednesday, 11 February 2009

dog ugly

anglo/belgian/dutch band with jonas from hiatus on guitar. Gam,if you're reading this get in touch!!

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  1. Hi!
    Thanx for your comment and the link to my blog. I think it's great to give away the music from your old bands since I am a huge fan of Mushroom Attack (I've already put the discography CD and split with Forgotten Prophecy on my blog) and haven't heard a lot of other ones.
    I don't believe that we've ever met, but I'd like to say hi to your mates Robbie ("You can't say to an old punk that he's cute!!!" and Piet since they stayed in nice memory when F&L played here in Croatia in 2002. I'm keeping some "rakija" for Piet when he comes again he-he.
    Your link is added and good luck with your blog.